About Us

Why NEO is different

NEO is different because we aim to provide client-focused advice that is tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Client - focused advice

NEO Advisers each own their individual financial planning practices, which operate within the NEO network. As small business owners, our Advisers know that the success of their businesses is reliant on the commitment that they provide to their clients. For NEO Advisers, their clients are not just another number; they are an integral part of their business. NEO Advisers seek to build a dedicated and long-term partnership with their clients and are committed to helping their clients through all the stages of their financial lives.

Tailored financial planning

NEO Advisers know that the key to providing high-quality advice is ensuring that the advice is tailored to their clients specific situation and needs. We're all different, with our own specific goals and objectives that we wish to achieve. We all have different attitudes to investment and risk, and we all have contrasting needs when it comes to how much risk insurance we need, or on how much we would like to retire. By providing tailored advice to their clients, NEO Advisers are able to develop a strategy that is the right fit for you.

Professional advice

NEO Advisers are highly skilled professionals who are backed by stringent education standards. We apply our own educational filter to our advisers (on top of industry standards) to ensure that our advisers are highly knowledgeable, well trained and able to provide high quality advice.

Peace of mind

Our main goal is to help Australians meet their financial and lifestyle goals and protect their families. But we also work hard to provide you with peace of mind.

Finally, regular reviews of your financial plans are conducted as an integral part of NEO's service, ensuring your financial plan is up-to-date and matches your current and future financial needs.

Support to Financial Planners

Our primary focus is providing our financial planners with a range of services, helping them to grow their businesses and do what they do best – provide clients with financial planning advice.

As part of our offer to planners we provide:

  • the opportunity to promote their business under their brand along with the business identity of NEO;
  • high-quality local and Head Office support;
  • a comprehensive range of services – from business development and marketing, to investment research and technical advice;
  • ongoing professional development training;
  • compliance and paraplanning support;
  • competitive terms and conditions;
  • the opportunity to specialise in specific areas such as direct share investment and salary packaging; and
  • access to more financial products from leading fund managers and insurance companies.
Our Address:
Ground Floor, 30 Summers Street
East Perth, WA, 6004
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8.30am to 4.30pm


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